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Room for two part two

Well the blog for two guys was very successful and those places went very quickly. It seems to me it is much easier in these hard times to find a party of two anglers than four. I have had a request form an other party of two who are looking for two more anglers to make up a party of four in mid Oct 2012. I know its a long time away but it gives plenty of time to save up and plan. So if any one out there is interested at all please get in touch email at or phone 01668 216173. October is a nice time of the year the water is still very warm and some of our autumn and winter fish are beginning to show. I was asked the other day is it far to go to the boat and the open sea.

Well if 15yds to the boat is along way and 100yds to the open sea is a long way I suppose yes. Had a chat to a mate in the UK who told me just how many trips he has missed this year alone and it reminds me of an old advert I used to run, Just how much time and money do you spend NOT catching fish in the UK. Yes we are very lucky in the Florida Keys and catch every day and will always find some shelter somewhere. Its also the varity of fish that blows people away, the base record is 55 species caught in just 6 days. Two pictures to finish up a nice mutton snapper and an african pompano just two of the many you can expect to catch on our fishing holidays