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Irish bassing

My last Irish bassing trip was over 20 years ago and don’t get me wrong standing in the surf on those famous SW Irish beaches just waiting for that thump certainly did it for me but things have changed. Yes I have been caught up in this new wave of lure fishing. For me the whole thing just works the mobility and doing something all the time ticks all the right boxes. So when I asked Henry Gilbey if I could join him on his next trip to Ireland for a couple of days and he said yes it was game on. It will be great to fish with Cian again and bring back memories of their fantastic holiday with me in the Florida Keys. Not that there will be any pressure on poor Cian when he was with me he wanted tarpon,permit,amberjack, barracuda, 100lb grouper and shark and I produced so all I want is just one 10lb bass.

I think what Cian has done with his business is fantastic and his enthusiasm for bass is unrivaled. Now with his online shop up and running if you needed anything to do with bass fishing its just one click away just go to and he is on video at Skype so you can see what you are going to buy. So will Henry break me as promised and will I catch my first 10lb bass, my PB is an annoying 9lb 14oz just keep an eye on Henry and Cians blogs.