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Irish weather

Just back from Ireland and even Henry Gilbey had to admit weather a bit tough. In all fairness this was a new area of Ireland to me and to say it blew me away was an understatement, just amazing. Yes the fishing was hard but we all caught bass it was a shame that I only had two days and reading Henrys blog things are getting better.

It was great to meet up again with Nick Hart and on the drive down from Dublin airport it was good to catch up. I last fished with Nick when he came to me in the Florida Keys in 05 just are second year of running fishing holidays. Nick has considerably expanded his fly fishing operation and its best to check him out at  this guy does the lot and has the passion to match. Whilst fly fishing is his main department I just love to see a guy just as happy with a spinning rod or hurling out a bait. To see Nick cast a fly is truly a joy to watch and certainly he had many a good fish in the Florida Keys.

Must say a huge thanks to Cian his local knowledge is just off the charts and something you just cant buy but need. I will certainly be back but need to check out the weather a bit better and stay a lot longer. Talking to Henry whilst most people come for the bass no one has scratched the surface of the mullet and if these fish are your passion this has to be the place to come as well. Whilst wading on one of the bass marks I had to shake my head at the size of the mullet and the numbers.

Thanks again to all who helped out this very novice bass lure angler, as Arny said I WILL BE BACK. Pics Nick in the Florida Keys.