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North sea shark

I promised my self a trip out of my home port Berwick-upon-Tweed for shark before I go back to the Florida Keys for our autum season. After read how Rupert Dury has had success out of  Whitby and some sightings last year out of Berwick last year we went yesterday. Unfortunately Rupert could not make it so a friend of his Martin Wilding came so of we went on less than perfect day but as this time next week I am in the tin can in the air heading back to Florida. We are spoilt rotten for shark in the Keys but this challenge still had me fired up as I have not yet caught a porbeagle which was are intended quarry. The boat we fished on is are local charter boat On a Promise run by David Thompson who has all summer kept me going with mackerel, cod and pollock and if you find your self near Berwick and fancy a trip give him a ring on 07767 484172. The ground off Berwick is good very close in and being on the east coast normally sheltered so good most days. We did not have to go out to far and put the anchor down just some 3 miles off shore on a couple peaks near rough ground so a nice sharky mark. Over went the chum I have been making all summer and I used a oil dripper bottle Florida Keys style as well and very soon we had a stunning slick behind the boat and four fresh mackerel baits in. First run came very fast but strangely was not very sharky after a few more “runs” the culprit came up sammy the seal he looked a bit surprised but luckily we did not hook him. Then from nowhere the tope rod close in and on the bottom had a very hard hit in fact we might have lost the rod if David had not be close. The fish did not come back but after many years of shark fishing inspection of the teeth marks on the bait to me meant we had a definite shark hit. Sorry about the very poor quality photo but posting it all the same just to let you see the the teeth marks.

Shark I am sure and will have an other go next year maybe in June when the water is a bit colder as porbeagle are cold water fish and most local success has been earlier in the year.