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Yes you can afford it

Back in the US can’t say I am a fan of long haul flights and when they have to remove a passenger then spend a long time taking of his bag makes you wonder. I wish I could make my beloved Florida Keys closer to the UK but one has to do what ever it takes. Back to blog title when I talk to UK anglers about our fishing holidays often the come back is I could never afford that but the other day a new customer put it into perspective. In 2013 he turns the big 50 and been a fisherman all his life wanted to do something special so has started to plan a trip to the Florida Keys. As they say over here he just did the math 20 months away or 80 weeks just needed to save £15 a week and job done. I know times are tough but if you want something bad it just seems to focus the mind.

Any way back to sorting out the boat and tackle after the hurricne break and maybe sneeking out just to check a few new marks and the drags. Please keep in touch might have a few places for ones and twos late 2012.