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They have it so right over here

One of the first things I do when I get back after the summer break is to get the new fishing regulations to check for changes. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission look at things ever six months and change things as needed. The new regs pay attention to permit and pompano two fish very dear to my hart. We had a stunning season on permit just check out Henrys blog around 12th May on but unfortunately there was some abuse of the current regs during the spawn. What we now have is two areas for permit one a special permit zone SPZ and then the rest of Florida. The new regs have cut down the daily bag limit for permit to just one per day in the SPZ from six and just two in the rest of Florida. The size limit has gone from 11in to 22in in the SPZ this giveing the fish on the spawn maximum protection but still allowing on for the pot and yes they do taste fantastic.

All the local guides are trying now to practise a sensible shark kill policy. This being that if you lose a bag limit fish to shark then you should count it as a fish in the box. There have been some days on the permit spawn when it has been impossible to get a fish past the shark to the boat. What you have to think is that all these permit have come from flats to spawn and you could be killing all the permit from one flat in one go. If this is done by everyone I don’t know but if you have more than your bag limit the men in the fast boats with flashing blue lights will make you pay big time. With any new regs the officers come down hard on offenders and they should if you come to fish in the Florida Keys you should read the current regs before you fish.