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Want to set a world record?

At last the with conservation more important than ever the International Game Fish Association is proud to introduce a new category of world records that require game fish to be released. Based on length rather than weight, All-Tackle Length World Records are now available for 127 species, and yes the European bass is one, of saltwater and freshwater game fish. Anglers looking to solidify their place in history can utilize fly and conventional tackle up to 130lb class. Unless otherwise noted, all IGFA rules and regulations apply until the fish is measured and released alive. Potential world record catches must be measured and documented on a official IGFA measuring tool. To get more details go to IGFA website and read all the details. All I can say is well done and about time we came very close a few years ago with a permit but with such a magnificent fish no one wanted to kill it just to see if it was a record. All local skips looking at the photo said it was very near but we will never know still a stunning fish sorry about the quality of the photo I have had to scan a photo from our rouges gallery.