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Try the USA way

I would just like to expand on Henry Gilbey’s excellent blog on watercraft. On my first guided trip in the Florida Keys now over 12 years ago it came as a huge surprise just how hard the guides worked to get you fish. It has often been said there are fishermen and people who catch fish some people try and other people try harder. How many times have you been on a boat and heard it said he always catches the first fish guess he is just lucky. Well I don’t believe it, it is just trying a bit harder. Out here guides will move very quickly if there are no fish I mean after 30 mins or less its up sticks and move. Firstly there must be fish so go to a know mark but it often pays to look around a bit as well, we have been using the latest side scanning sonar now for two years and what a difference it makes. Secondly it your not quite right get it right up sticks and try again if the tide or wind changes move again. If there are fish there most times you need a bit of tide to get things going, ther saying no run no fun is very true. Again if your not catching try something different change the bait or method don’t just sit there make your on luck.

Photo with this blog a fine mutton snapper which proves my point we saw there were fish there but had to through all the baits to get on to take . As the local guides would say if you were in a que at a top steakhouse and some one offered you a lettuce sandwich would you eat it. Go fish more important GO CATCH.