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Plan B

The one thing that after over seven years of doing fishing holidays here in the Florida Keys that still blows people away is the options of things to do and the variety of fish to catch. The other day at our breakfast meeting with a good break in the weather, offshore was the plan. A normal day for Brits offshore is a start of wrecking, a bit of trolling then end up with the pick down in about 110ft. This day did not go completely to plan it was a lot rougher than we all thought, fish were on the wrecks but not feeding.  This has been explained to me that unless the boat is drifting with the bait all the baits we put down look very unnatural. Or as a local once told me driving the wrong way in a drive in burger restaurant you won’t get served. With some of the crew getting a bit green we decided to troll always a good option as the boat is a lot more stable a with a few sails being taken we did not need to go far out. This time of year most sails are taken in less than 150ft and some go right up onto the reef in less than 40ft so a zig zag pattern was sett up on the edge of the reef in 100ft. We did not even get the fourth line out bang a rod went and the shout fish on not a sail but a nice dorado.

Strange this time of year but nice the dorado were feeding big style in the shallows and just on the edge of the reef. Nothing big and not the sails we were after but as I often say you can only catch what is there. Just what the doctor ordered nothing like a fish to take the green gills way and we kept a few for the table. Ended the day at anchor in 110ft  a few small shark to the boat and a mix of bottom fish and an other good day in the Florida Keys.