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What the hells this?

I am lucky after fishing in the Florida Keys for over 12 years and having over 100 species to the boat I can call most fish long before we see them. Yes it does help knowing where you are what you are targeting and how you are fishing and what bait you are using. Sometimes I do get it wrong take our first giant sawfish at well over 800lb I got it well wrong but it was our first one. One fish that always confuses a new angler on his first fishing holiday is the stingray or to give it its full name the southern stingray.

These can turn up anywhere in Florida Bay not just on sandy bottoms and normally take a live bait on the ledger. The speed and power of the run most guys just shout shark but they do give themselves away. Most times after the run they stop try to bed in soft areas then run again in a different direction. We have had plenty over 100lb and they do go big record is now 246lb that must have gone like an express train. This one near 80lb was taken by Kevin last week and was one lucky puppy. Why well as a shark bait they are the finest and at local shark comps a fish like this would make many 100 dollars. As we are going back to the UK for Christmas this one was sent back on its way. It was on a piece of fresh stingray that regular Lee Jasper had his epic 2hr 25min fight with are all time Fish the Dream PB a hammerhead well over 1200lb enough said.