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Time to move

One thing that always comes as bit of a surprise to new anglers to the Florida Keys is the number of times we move. We have a saying in the Keys you can only catch what you can cast to and if there are no fish just move. We are also very lucky that a short move you can be on totally different ground. One wreck can be a bit quite so up sticks and move the change can be very dramatic. Its a lot to do with the tides and movement of baits but there is no point in not catching. Also as anyone who has been on a fishing holiday knows we attract fish to the boat with chum and oil droppers. If you have attracted one species then all you can do is enjoy or move. I some times here people say all we have here is mackerel and blue fish well on the right tackle they can be fun. As everyone who follows this blog knows I love my shark but some times they can be a pain. One very special time they are not welcome is on the permit spawn. As I have blogged before this is just for a few weeks offshore over the wrecks. The permit fight long and hard but if the shark are there its game over. Most of the guides take a sharked fish as on in the cooler so when the limit is reached time to move. I now tell my anglers two lost fish and we move, you are taking spawning fish from many flats so it only seems fair.

This permit was hit by just two shark the top bite a very big fish and the bottom one a massive shark scary or what. It may seem strange but you would think all you would have to do would be put a shark bait down but very rarly will you get a take. It appears it is the struggling of the live fish that starts the attack not the food. 

A very happy and fishy new year to all customers.