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Tuna time

Yes I am back in the Florida Keys, yes it is nice to get back home for Christmas and see all the children and grandchildren and help the Chinese economy but just to feel warm again. I must admit on the first morning back at crazy o’clock in the dark I just went on a short walk in shorts and tee shirt just because I could. Picked the boat up from storage yesterday and a quick sea trial all ok had to stop and get some fish just to see if the rods still worked and they did a spanish mackerel a chuck . Smoked some mackerel and put some nice snapper and blue fish in the fridge am I lucky or what. First fishing holiday is tomorrow and is regulars the Keating boys weather permitting Alan want to tick the wahoo box so pressure on, I love it. This time of year our winter temps in the high 70s and much less rain, little or no rain here for a month, it is prime blackfin tuna time. Stunning hard fighting fish that never give up and with the record at around 50 lb can be taken on light tackle.

Most are probably taken trolling but in recent years more and more are caught on jigs. The last time I was on the Marathon humps an area of underwater mountains coming up from 1000 ft to just 500 and our top tuna spot some boats were just jigging and no trolling at all. Last year we started to use the depth indicator line coloured every 10 ft what a difference. Now if we see tuna on the screens at 120 we can go straight to them and fish and if a guy catches one just count the line back and everyone can fish the correct depth. My favorite method is chunking this involves dropping chucks over the side at regular spaces normally about 30 ft then number 30 chunk has a hook in it.  The take is mind blowing from near slack line to express train just bail arm over and hang on. The one very big bonus with tuna is until you have eaten tuna less than 1 hr old you have not lived. Even people who don’t like fish can not believe just how good they are, just seared on the barbie some people say they are just like fine steak. The other bonus is the lucky guy, normally me , who is filleting gets to eat them raw out of this world.