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Plan B again

On this trip Alan was hoping to get a sailfish for his brother Tim. The first two days of their four day stay it was far to rough to go out on the Atlantic so we had fun in the bay. On the third day we went out on the Atlantic and tried but again to rough. Their last full day we woke to flat calm seas so with high hopes of we went. We tried hard for three hours trolling only having one small hit and after talking to other guides on the dock we all came up with the conclusion that it was to calm. Sails always like a bit of wave action and with the rough seas of the previous days had probably been feeding hard and were just not on the feed. After many years of doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys I always have a plan B, C, D and so on just the magic of the Keys so we went drift fishing with large prawn on the edge of the reef in about 110 ft. It just takes a few drifts then bang fish on using the right rods we were all soon having fun just what it is all about. The main fish were hard fighting margates one of those fish that seem to fight harder than their weight.

Also in the mix were cobia and in 110 ft they certainly put up a good fight. We also put the pick down on some very rough ground in about 120 ft and got absolutely trashed by grouper. They certainly know how not to play fair we should have moved but the runs were amazing we just could not stop them getting back to their cover. On the way back Alan said to me if we had only landed half the fish we lost it would have been an amazing day, my reply thats why they call it fishing not catching.