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That big red

The one thing that you can be sure about in the Florida Keys is that if there is enough water to cover its back it might be there. That was the case with Tim’s big redfish the other day it was miles from where it should be and had probably come from the Everglades. That is a swim of nearly 20 miles to where we were but it was probably on its spawn and they like wrecks like the ones we were fishing. I remember the other year we were deep in the mangroves when one guy decided to sit it out with a big bait and was rewarded with a 100 lb + stingray. Why was that there well the simple answer is that it could so why not, the beauty of the Keys. Even our record shark a 1000 lb + hammerhead was taken in only 8 ft of water some 25 miles from any deep water. People still shake their heads when fishing our top grouper wreck with fish over 500 lb in just 10 ft of water welcome to the Florida Keys.

Sorry about the quality of the redfish photo I have had to scan a print but at 21 lb you can see it is as they say here a true trophy fish just what dreams are made of . Bookings for fishing holidays coming in fast not much left this year so get in touch as soon as you can, don’t wait to get four guys I have a lot of names who will make up numbers. This time of year I think is the Florida Keys are at their best, very dry and sunny highs in the mid to high 70 s  and nights in the mid to high 60 s as good as it gets. Yes we don’t have the monster tarpon but it was in Jan that the base record of 55 species caught was taken.