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What a day

Its hard to know where to start very few days in my life have just left me numb as my day yesterday at the SKA comp out of Key West has done. The boats, the fish, the speed I just need to calm down. As this is a fishing blog lets start with the fishing then later in the  week the boats and the whole SKA event thing. I just cant say how good the fishing was just off the charts. The skill of our captain Capt Ron Mitchell just beyond belief he lives king mackerel and has been doing for over 20 years. He had been doing a few days pre fish and knew where he was going but to go right to fish just one species just amazing.  As we got aboard the boat in the dark he said I have a spot about 50 mile out it wont take to long. YES at 62mph it did not take to long and the sight of 76 fireing up nearly 65000 hp will live with me for a long time.

First spot there was a few boats fishing and yes we were picking up a few fish in the 30 lb region but this comp is a one big fish comp so all these fish were just released at the boat and a new trace put on and back fishing so quick it seemed like a blur. On a pro boat very little is said and everyone has a job to do and with many thousands of dollars at stake you can see why. The Snowbee rods all performed fantastically I am so proud of a rod I have helped to develop and all at Snowbee this rod is amazing. They use big live baits mainly slow trolling three at a time and sometimes two on the down-riggers but we were getting so many takes the down-riggers were hardly used.

The next spot we were on our own just a couple of commercial boats. The king mackerel are one of the few fish in the Florida Keys there is a very small commercial fishery only hand line and very strictly controlled. As these guys are doing it for a living  a good place to stop. Fish a plenty many double headers and skipping like I have never seen, how so many fish got back to the boat I will never know. They run hard and long many runs well over 100 yds and more than once with two fish going in opposite direction one line had to be cut. At the scales our best fish was just over 42 lb not bad but not a winning fish will have all the comp details later in the week. Just need a dark room and a lye down.