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SKA Tips

Still numb after my day out in the recent SKA comp more details to come. It did occur to me while out fishing there are a few things we did that would work and help UK boat anglers. First down riggers they work so well and how many times have you been boat fish when the bite was on fire but you just could not hold the bottom. Not only will a down rigger do this but when the fish is on you are just fighting the fish not a heavy lump of lead. Yes we used a fancy electric one with all the gizmo’s [ they are sponsored ] but back in the UK I even made one with a child’s bikes wheel and and old window weight and it worked.

Next was the mini out riggers when we were on  hot bite not enough time to put out the full out riggers but by having two rod holders at 90 degrees to the boat suddenly the boat was 15 ft wider. Think about it not just for trolling but working baits down tide you have a very wide boat less tangles and you can even work more rods and try different baits. What we always try to do out here is have a full range of baits down just to see what is working then change if you need to. Last pic yes an other big mackerel just how these guys come to the Florida Keys and target one species and catch trophy after trophy fish just leaves me shaking my head.