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Sushi time

Joe and his friends have been very lucky and on their third day the weather gods let us go out to the tuna grounds. At nearly 30 miles out and in or about the gulf stream even a 10 mph can give 5 ft seas but with a 3 mph for cast off we all went. We left at 4 am just in case older seas made the going hard but at over 25 mph we got there well before sun up. I always like to get there first light it is normally the best time and sun rise on the tuna grounds will be a memory for a long time. In all fairness  fishing was slow we did have one double take on the trolling rods and Joe and Graham did get them on small lures as well. After watching a commercial boat haul up some big AJs young Mike went down to the bottom with a live bait and at 500 ft a very brave man. He had one on for a short time but mister sharky helped him by taking it off he will never know the full pain of a big fish in that depth. With the 3 mph wind now making over 10 mph and the seas getting big back with six small but tasty tuna on ice.

The other day with reports of big king mackerel back in the bay off we went. The only problem with king mackerel fishing in the bay you do tend to attract a lot of shark but on the right size rods as fun as it gets. We had on very big king nail a bait at the boat but they hit so hard to cut the bait they often miss the hooks. We had an other hit a spanish mackerel on Joes rod clean in half after talking to the skips at Key West this is how they feed. First strike is very fast and hard then they come back to feed on the bits.

Just an other couple of mad days fishing in the Florida Keys the one thing that blows away people on fishing holidays is the huge variety of fish and fishing styles please get in touch and let me make your dreams come true.