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Grouper closed no one told the shark

We have just started our long closed season for grouper here in  Florida while we in the Keys have an abundance of grouper there are other areas that need some help. I suppose the logic is that are excess fish will over spill last year we all saw a big difference after the ban. I have faith that the powers will modify the ban as soon as they can and catching any thing early is better than to late. Yesterday was a tough day we managed to get Graham his dorado despite being out of their main season and in very big seas. We ended up on the famous bridge rubble where parts of the old 7 mile bridge were dumped when the new bridge was built. This is now a fish haven but I cant remember losing so many big fish ever. If you look at the bite mark of the small grouper we got back you will see the cut is very flat and there are very big individual teeth marks.

Our culprit could have been a big and I mean very big shark. It is not uncommon in the Florida Keys to have shark over 1000 lbs and when they get the taste for fish on a line its game over. This has happened here before during the permit spawn but never grouper fishing we should have moved but the lads just wanted to see one big grouper.The winds have been trying to say the least all week but we are still fishing and catching and the guys took home some hot smoked mackerel yesterday as well.