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SKA the results

Sorry with all that’s been going on I have forgotten to give you the results for the SKA round that I fished at Key West. Well not bad at all for Snowbees boat Bandit out of 76 boats we finished 11 th but more important to Capt Ron Mitchell we finished 8 th in Florida division 10. This event does not feature on the Angler of the year championship as it is the first event of the year it lets Captains do all their testing. I had one of my nicest emails every Capt Ron was very happy with my fishing and I now have an open invite to fish with Team Bandit whenever I want WOW.

It was such a day of brain overload to much to take in for one old guy. Looking back its the whole event that leaves the impression as I have said before if a beer company was to do a fishing comp it would be a round of the SKA. The boats just blew me away that shotgun start when 76 boats fired up awesome. The fishing just did my head in how can captains target one fish and catch so many big ones.

One of the nicest footnotes is all the fish after the weigh in are sold at the local fish market and every dollar is given to local and just local charities. Last year alone on the SKA fishing tour over 1 million dollars was given away to local charities over the south of the US. Please keep a check on Snowbees Team Bandit and how Capt Ron gets on during 2012 at www.fishska.comthey even have live webcasts. Meanwhile after a major service its back to normal at Fish the Dream doing what I try to do best, fishing holidays in the Florida Keys regulars Paul and Carol come to day. Carol proves the point very well, ladies make very good fisher folk think about it guys go on bring the other half you might be surprised and the weather is good.

PS Like the shirt