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The Ballantine effect

As I have said before ever since a young 22 year old Miss Ballantine took the salmon record with a 64 lb fish in 1922 we guys have had to suffer. No to be honest some women just get it right and Carol is right up there at the top Paul should be very proud and yesterday was no exception. We had to find shelter as is was blowing 15 + and behind a bank some 16 miles  out . This bank cut the waves down to just 1 to 2 ft and was the pefect speed to get the kite up on of my favorite way to fish. So chum down and soon the bait fish then as normal the macs arrived not as thick as they have been we are having a very warm winter and with water temps at 73 a bit warm for are winter fish.  These fish are top shark bait but on the right size tackle more fun than anyone should have. I totally agree with Henry Gilbey once you lose the joy of catching small fish you are missing a big part of fishing and our macs bring smile after smile. With good bait in the bait box out went the shark rod and with a blue runner on out went the kite rod. Both rods were quieter than normal as well but the shark we took were top class black fin up to near 90 lbs. Lots of jumps and long hard runs and as is the blackfins trade mark a pain in the a*** at the boat but at least they calm down for a quick pic.

The kite was flying as far away as it could from the chum we had on hit but after some time it broke Paul and then it went very quite. As is with the kite we forgot about it then all hell broke out bent double and drag screaming big style. Carol picked up the rod but there was nothing she could do and she was running out of line. So with the run over 300 yds we had to throw the ankor and follow the fish a very very big fish. On just 25 lb main line and a 60 lb leader it was going to be a long fight and the girl did well. After half an hour of stunning fishing Carol fish by the boat  lemon shark well over 200 lbs top marks. Just an other stunning day fishing in the Florida Keys.