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Sporty shark

One of Pauls favorite fish in the Florida Keys are the small shark we now call these sporty shark and on light gear so much fun. They do the lot, take freely run and jump and the fights are over quickly so you can carry on and best of all you are not beat up at the end. So yesterday we had to make a weather call first thing and with a cold front coming in a low temp of 18 just for one day back into the mid 20s in two days the winds were going to pick up. First thing it was blowing less than ten but we went on the side of caution and stayed close seeking the shelter of a bank just 5 miles out all the other boats were heading north to the distant wrecks as now is cobia time. Well by lunch we had made the right call and the blow was well over 20 gusting to 30 but behind our bank waves were only may be 1 to 2 ft so very comfortable and all the other boats were coming back. Well we had a lot of fish but to Pauls delight the chum and oil brought in the sporty shark and we went down to light tackle and we had a ball.

The only problem with sporty shark fishing is that occasionally a big boy comes in a crashes the party. Well this happened yesterday and late in the afternoon a big well over 100 lb shark hit Carols rod and as she was running out of line we had to leave the ankor and follow. With just a 25lb leader it was going to be fun but Carol was up for it so game on.  This big boy had one big trick to play why do this in nice sheltered water so of over the bank he went first taking the boat in water less than 3 ft then into the big 4 to 6 ft seas on the windward side of the bank. Carol as always did a fantastic job and despite the seas twice we had the leader by the boat but in the end we were broke off but what a battle in rough seas. Now were did I put my jeans and sweatshirt ?