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Mixing it up

The last two days have been tough with the cold front dropping sea temps down 10 degrees and winds to over 25 not ideal fishing conditions. Many years ago an American guide said to me screw this I hate not catching that day we must have moved over 20 times and yes we found the fish and yes we started catching. This is the beauty of the Florida Keys we move a lot because we can from the flats to the channels to the banks to the bridges and more. I think if people are on a fishing holiday it is up to me to work my but off to find them fish and yesterday I did just that.

Not a stellar day but we found grouper, ladyfish, mackerel, snapper,bluefish and more, Carol had a shark to keep up the every day we have had a shark thing. As they say it will get better and today we are back to normal temps and as I do this blog the winds have died so plans are being made to go for a big goliath grouper and cobia.