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Ticking boxes

As you know all our customers on fishing holidays in the Florida Keys call the shots so when Paul said at breakfast that he had not caught a big grouper it was game on. I am very sorry but after doing fishing holidays now for over 8 years it is very hard to remember what people have had on their previous trips. So off to my favorite wreck we went quick stop for fresh bait on the way and with some good mackerel in the box we arrived. Not the best tide and after the cold front sea temps were about 10 degrees down but on the first run back the big balloon dipped but came back up. With the big circle hooks we use 22/o  the bait has to go well down in the mouth. Same thing on the next run interest but no take but on the third run a proper take locked drag and FISH ON !

You only have a few seconds to make or break a grouper and with the Whippy Walk you must drag the fish back out of the wreck or it is game over. Well Paul did just fine and with the fish out of the wreck time to enjoy the power of these fish most guests just shake their heads. This for us was not a very big fish but at over 150 lb I think I ticked the box Paul and Carol seemed very happy. The rest of the day the tide just died Carol ended up having a blast on jacks and we moved to get Carol her shark for the day.  The very big one did not come so me thinks they will just have to come back again skips plan or what ?