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What a last day !

Well all good things have to come to an end and it seems when you are on a fishing holiday that seems very true. Despite sad faces the plans for the last day were made over one of Helens famous Florida fries and with light winds offshore in search of king mackerel was the A plan. On getting to the Atlantic not quite as we hoped the SE winds a bit stronger than we had hoped and a very confused sea running against the tide giving 2s to 3s that were going to get worse. So after a quick discussion back deep into the bay still after kings but on a wreck some 20 miles into the Gulf. Back in the bay a different world less than 1 ft seas and flat calm in areas strange but true a trip of only 4 miles such a contrast. After a run of some 40 mins hearts sunk again a boat on the wreck plan B dead but the joys of the Florida Keys plan C quickly formed. The one fish that really ticked the box for Paul is what we call the sporty shark. Shark in the teens to 30 lbs that run jump and freely take the bait and dont hide under rocks. So when I told Paul we were only 2 miles from a very good shark mark plan C was on. Within mineutes of getting there it was fish on, and fish on hetic or what.

In fact this was going to end up as a day Paul and Carol would remember for a very long time. The tide gods were good as well and we had a perfect tide for nearly all day running away from the stern. Also just enough fresh mackerel to keep the baits going in fact more than once we had shark on the light mackerel jig rods fun or what. Biggest shark was a nurse about 150 lb a big lump but very powerful and a pain at the boat. Best with out a doubt was a blacktip near 100 lb that Carol had on the lightest shark rod. To say she did well is an understatement after over half an hour she had the fish at the boat but with a very light leader it was always going to get off. I touched the leader and fish gone. We ended up with 53 yes 53 shark to the boat and just two anglers a record that I think will stand for a very long time well done and as always a joy to fish with you guys.