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Tuna facts

We at Fish the Dream have had over the years our fair share of luck and tears with the tunas. Best I think was a bigeye tuna of over 30 lbs on 20 lb spinning gear it went like stink and we ate well for days. In fact of the 108 species of fish we have had over the 8 years of running fishing holidays 6 are tuna. We have not had yet a yellowfin or bluefin back to the boat but more than once we have been spooled on the tuna grounds and I think these two might have been the culprits. To be on the tuna grounds in the Florida Keys at sunrise is a very and I mean very special thing. From no where the birds arrive then the tuna start to crash the bait and the frigate birds pick the bait out of the air mind blowing. The fight even from a small tuna will leave you amazed the poor guy in the photo does not have a dry square inch of that shirt but the smile says it all.

The main reason I started this blog about tuna was a numbing fact in a recent fishing mag here in the Florida Keys. At a recent sale at Tokyo’s fish market a single tuna made nearly $400,000 a new record. That works out at $533 a pound and that is the wholesale price. The problem with this insanity  it turns the commercial fishermen into bounty hunters. Some thing has to be done world wide to help the bluefin because with these rewards the bluefin will be fished out in a very short time and the pressure will go to the other tunas.