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Pompano perfect

Not a bad first day for newcomers to our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys 18 species with fish to 150 lb. It is so nice to see new people don’t get me wrong I love my regulars but we have to turn away many people they often say why don’t you run two boats ? Well let me assure you one boat is more than enough one local made me laugh the other day as we were both buying yet more boat parts. You know the true meaning of B.O.A.T  it is not break out another thousand it is bend over and take it how true. Back to yesterday as I said it was Vic and his two friends first day so a learning day in the bay which was calm. In my opinion it was a bit quite and we had to go to plan B as a boat was on my plan A wreck but what we did find was Pompano.

These little brothers of the permit pull so hard way above their weight and on light tackle so much fun. Best of all and I am not ashamed to say it they taste fantastic and just one was put in the ice box. Last year they changed the regs on pompano and permit and we are all waiting to see if it makes a change. The problem is that they both look very similar and the bag limit has been cut form six to just one in a special zone . If only people would just leave the spawning grounds if there are to many sharks there to see fish after fish nailed on the way back is just crazy.