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Near record shark

The other day it was far from perfect weather but the beauty of the Florida Keys we just come up with a plan. As the wind was over 25 and coming from the east we headed down to 7 mile bridge to fish a channel between some flats and with seas less than 1 foot very easy. The tide was running very fast near 5 mile an hour going south a good direction to draw out a bull shark from the bridge our plan A . Weed on the lines was a problem but after a short time line pulled out of the outrigger clip [ by using the out riggers we have a 38 ft wide boat ] and fish on !  This puppy was pulling hard and wanted nothing to do with the boat hard powerful runs and we did not see it for a long time. Not the bull we had hope for but  BIG blacktip and why do I say ” do you want it in for a pic ” well this was the only blacktip I could not lift on my own. In my life I have lifted to many old bags of cement at the good old 112 lbs and this fish was way over that. With help from the crew we got in on the gunnels and you can see in the photo trashed angler Steve and trashed skip me. With the Florida record just 152 lb this fish was very near if not over but no way was a beauty of a fish like this being killed so she went back to fight an other day happy days.

One of the fish Vic had wanted was a big grouper and he had lost two the other day on the wreck but lady luck gave him an other chance. When it was his turn on the shark a big fish started to take drag but in a nurse shark way but this was going on for a long time. Many nurse near the bridge will go over 200 lb so we were all telling Vic to get on with it and drag the fish in but this one was not for coming in. Then at last I got the leader and to all our surprise a grouper well over 300 lb, in a very strong tide Vic had ticked the box.