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Daves’s day

In all our fishing holidays we always seem to get a quite one. An angler who just takes instruction and just gets on with it and is usually rewarded. Dave is just that type of guy I suppose running a bait and tackle shop for years has left him with bags of patience.  This week the weather gods have not been good and we have been fighting a lot of wind against tide not ideal still catching fish but some days hard work. The other day I had been given a new mark in the bay where last week cobia to 72 lbs had been taken so despite a strong wind we decided to give it a go.  Sods law after a hard run of over 40 mins a boat on the mark quick look at plotter and an other mark less than a mile away. I had not fished this on either so as it was close to plan A should be good as well. The only good thing about a strong wind up goes the kite and a small shark nailed the first bait. Mean while Vic and Steve were jigging to get more kite bait but all they were getting was small grouper fun but not kite baits. At the front of the boat Dave had taken the heavy ledger rod and was nailing large keeper grouper one after one. Mid way through our grouper ban skip was nearly in tears putting all that lovely food back in such is fishing in the Florida Keys just think about the big picture.

Tide died very soon then it was going to be wind against tide and it was going to get very rough so after a short session, Dave’s very much we went to find shelter. On the lee of a bank we found calmer seas still wing against tide but you can’t fight the tide gods. We did draw a 100 lb plus hammered to the boat and Vic had it on for a short time but it throw the hook. Again at the front Dave was doing his own thing then a screaming run big silver a massive cero mackerel the best this year 8 lb beauty. Just goes to show maybe patience is a virtue after all well done Dave.