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Less than six weeks !

It seems that every group on our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys has one job to do before they leave and that is to torment me with a grouper. At least we are over half way of the four month grouper ban but putting back such fantastic eating fish hurts a foodie. We are more than blessed in the Florida Keys with fine eating fish and I am not ashamed to say I love eating fish. With a wife who trained as a Cordon Bleu cook we are both happy to eat fish every night. If you think about it fish are the most organic food you can eat and even guys who say I don’t like fish are won over with 2 hour old tuna from the barbie. The red grouper that Rob caught on the last day is my favorite but back it went, we did notice a massive difference last year so it should be even better this year

Not sure why so many fish in the Florida Keys have such brightly coloured mouths may be one of you out there knows please email the red grouper is no exception but there are many more. Robs week was on of the toughest for wind I have known for a long time but we fished every day and had fish over 200 lbs we are so lucky in the Florida Keys that we can. Nigel signed off the week with a fine blacktip not a monster but the power even this 40 lb fish had is hard to believe. This was Rob and the boys sixth trip and I have to say one I always look forwards to they are a great bunch of guys to fish with.