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Fun wrecking

Back in the sun after two weeks back in Northumberland and yes it did snow and am I glad to be back guess ?  First group of this session is Graham and his friends John, Dave and Steve lost count on how many times they have been over. Weather not to bad on the first day so during Helen’s Florida Fry breakfast the plan was a day in the bay and if it was not to bad a wreck or two. First stop general fishing and now with the tight controls trout everywhere fun on light jigging rods wind dropping so of to the first wreck. A bit of hassle to get the pick right but it is important, guys out on fishing holidays sometimes seem a bit puzzled by this but having over 12 years experience of fishing in the Florida Keys has taught me to get it right. Soon someone on the light jigging rod was on a cobia fun on just 20 lb braid or what and with this fish there were a whole shoal of others so game on.

No keepers but fun for the first day and loads of other fish in fact we ended up with 18 species and shark over 100 lb just on this wreck. We are in the last few weeks of the grouper ban yes its been tough but what a difference fish numbers are amazing looks like the guys have got it right. We are so lucky in Florida years ago they went down the tight controls and the sport fish route and boy does it show. As they say you can eat a fish once but catch it 20 times and someone even worked out each bonefish was worth over 30 k to the economy in its life as a sport fish, you know it makes sense. On the trail of those 100 lb herring tomorrow will let you know keep watching !!!!!!