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UK Shark

About two years ago whilst reading a local forum here in the North East, the Whitby sea anglers forum I came across a guy who was getting a passion for shark fishing here in the North Sea. His name is Rupert Dury and with local charter boat out of Whitby, Shy-Torque started catching porbeagle shark. After seeing free swimming shark in 2005 skipper Rich with Rupert decided to have a go and now yearly catch shark all summer, have a look at his web site and if you want a UK shark Rich has now had them over 300 lb. Over lots of emails and phone call Rupert and I tried last year we had a drift of Whitby but we were not far enough out Rupert did get me my PB tope 63 lbs and on the same day he had a 71 lb fish but no porbeagle.  Again this year our trip on Shy-Torque was blown off the joys of the North Sea then last week a email from Rupert ” tomorrow looks good fancy a go in my boat ”  Well nearly 30 miles out in the North Sea in a 16.5 ft boat not for the faint hearted but Shy-Torque was going to be there as well so a buddy boat not far away. No fresh bait on the way out but normally you get mackerel in the chum slick so we kept going and soon came up to Rich who  gave us some bait so about half a mile from him pick went down and the long wait started. Not like the Florida Keys were we are spoilt for shark and have all sorts of fun in the chum slick but then we saw Rich drop of the anchor and he was into a shark. His fish was a good one and he had it on for over an hour when we were hoping if lady luck would come over to us as well then it all went off, fish on !




We were in 200 ft of water and this fish was using it all up and down some breaching to start with then long powerful runs and soon we had to slip the anchor as well. After about 25 mins the fish came to see us, the video clip is our first good look at the fish, then head down for another 20 mins till we got the fish to the boat and released a stunning fish near 250 lb. Have to say a massive thanks to Rupert a top guy he gave me the first fish and all his skills are spot on my biggest fish in the UK by a very long way. His reporting skills are very good as well check out his article on the forum it just goes to show with enough dedication any thing is possible.