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North sea tope take 2

One thing people often say while on our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys is I wonder what would happen if we tried chumming for tope back in the UK . What is normally done in the UK is a bag of fresh minced fish is put on the anchor or hung over the side but in the Florida Keys we use frozen blocks of chum which give a constant rate of  feed and oils. Also in the Keys we have now started to use an oil dripper sending a drop of oil at a rate to give a surface slick as well. So when my friend Rupert phoned me and said fancy an other day on the tope I was ready and willing this time it was going to be tope fishing Florida style. Over the last few weeks I have been making mackerel chum blocks just letting mackerel go soft over night then pulping them and freezing them in 5 litre blocks. I have also made an oil driper using fish tank tube and fittings and using pilchard oil to give the constant drip. With good weather we went to Ruperts tope mark and all my goodies went over the side and we did not have long to wait.

Fish all day long we ended up with 23 tope to 57 lb and I even had 3 on balloon floats, fantastic so see a balloon just disappear just amazing. So did all the Florida Keys methods make a difference we will never know but we even had fish at slack water and we had fish following baits right up to the boat. Put it an other way the purpose of chum is to bring the fish to you and on this day we certainly brought fish to our boat makes you think.