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Just how lucky am I ?

The other day on the way back from yet an other stunning day on  Gulf  wreck Alan Keating tried to put Florida Keys fishing into perspective.  Most guys just dream about 100 lb fish this day we lost count on fish over 100 lb and some were near 300 lb. Alan wanted a shark so over went the shark rig and soon a shark was on his lap. I just suppose after doing this for nearly 15 years for me it is the norm but to guys on fishing holidays it is very far from their norm in the UK. Yesterday plan A was a day offshore on the king mackerel but waking up to strong winds plan B was back in the bay for mackerel, blue fish and shark and plan B worked very well. The new grouper mark is fishing very well as I said before but not only grouper but cobia and as many jacks as you want to throw a lure at a fish a chuck. Again Alan said I can go nearly all day lure fishing in the UK with out a take here it is just insane you are very, very lucky.


The only problem with the goliath grouper and the Gulf wrecks they eat a lot of fish I have been told up to 10 % of their body weight a day and once they have found a good wreck they don’t leave. For a fish that was near extinct in 1999 they have come back big time and in my opinion they do need a limited take plan on the big ones and I am sure it will come very soon. Here in the Florida Keys the powers take action very quickly on stocks and always go on the side of caution first and with help fish do recover.