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Amazing facts

With the days getting shorter I have been catching up on my mags. While I love the internet there is something still very special about a good old mag and in my opinion the US mags are very good. Reading my last copy of  Sport Fishing came across some amazing facts.      83 million that’s the number of people in the United States who participated in boating in 2011, according to the National Marine Manufactures Association. A 10 percent increase over 2010, the number also equated to 34.8 percent of adults, the highest since 1997. The NMMA also reported that boat sales increased for the first time since 2006 totaling $32.3 billion. this marked a 6 percent gain over 2010, signaling ” the beginning of a recovery for the US recreational-boating industry”  according to the NMMA. Other notable numbers for 2011 were 83 percent of boats sold in the US were made in the US. $ 72 billion boatings estimated annual economic impact. 12.4 million the number of registered boats in the US.

Well I am one of them and I love my boat and in all honesty I have still to see or find a boat I would replace it with and after the repower with new engines its ready for an other 8 years. Those numbers are mind-blowing and I still remeber Jim Whippy’s comment when he came for his first trip to see our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys. Afer the drive down he said ” there is probably more fishing boats in just the Florida Keys than the whole of the UK”  I suppose you just get used to it yard after yard stacked out with fishing boats and the reason for it as Henry Gilbey recently said, the Keys are just crawling with fish.