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Snowbee’s new reel

 I was very pleased to see that a new reel I found in the US a short time ago is to be sold in the UK and Europe by Snowbee. I have been working with Snowbee for some time now and when I told just how good this reel was and they looked at the specs and the fact it was made in the US they were very happy to add it to their products. I have been using a prototype for some weeks and the few minor problems have been sorted out by the manufactures and the final model is just out standing. The handle just works I have never used a better handle on any fishing reel ever and at last we have a lever drag reel that is just a joy to cast. Snowbee yearly produce a quality catalogue and Russell Weston the owner of Snowbee has kindly allowed me to put up the page that shows all the reels specs, I recommend that you get a copy of the catalogue as Snowbee are adding more and more top quality sea fishing items to an already extensive range of products.

I was just as pleased to hear the first dealer who has signed up to have the new reels is Gerry’s of Morecambe. I have known Gerry for some years and I think he runs a top operation out of Morecambe, a first class shop with very good staff, a very efficient old school mail order operation and a state of the art website with online shop. A few years ago Gerry came out to see me on one of our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys and to say he did well a understaement, sailfish one day then a white marlin the next. Not only a top business man but a very good angler the marlin was taken on a light rod and did not want to come in.

If you want to get one of these new reels get in touch with Gerry as you read this the first models are on the way to Gerry but as they are made by a small company they will be in short supply there is a link on this page.

Contact details

Snowbee         (  01752 334933  )

Gerrys of Morcambe    (  01524 422146  )