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John’s last day

After running fishing holidays in the Florida Keys now for over 8 years I still get a big kick when one of the anglers says he has just had his best days fishing ever. On the last day John’s party was very keen to book for next year and paid the deposit on next years fishing holiday before they even left. I still like to get feed back and with over 80 % repeat bookings I think we must be getting it nearly right, maybe its the boat just as happy in rough seas 30 miles offshore or in 12 in of water chasing fish on the flats or letting the anglers decide at breakfast what we are going to do. What ever it is it seems to be working and long may it continue, back to Johns last day. Not quite the start we had planed but a huge permit a good start in anyone’s books then the plan was the grouper wreck so north some 20 miles we went. From nowhere the seas turned nasty not good for dragging 300 lb fish out of the wreck so off to find shelter on some banks. This is the real beauty of the Florida Keys we can fish in any weather and normaly find fish well after a few banks we found some huge cero mackerel to nearly 10 lbs. Hard to catch but they can not say no to a live ballyhoo just watching them circle before the kill is amazing.

Well as normal if you find the macs the shark are not very far behind and after a couple of nurse shark a drag screamed then a shark jumped. A very big blacktip and this one was not for stopping first run nearly 300 yds Ian looked a bit worried but I like to stack the shark rods and assured him there was 300 yds of 50 lb under the 80 lb line. Well it all ended well and a near 100 lb fish had a few pics taken before dehooking and sent back to chase more mackerel. Yes I know it looks mad but I was shown how to do this many years ago and the shark just goes to sleep not as bad as it looks. Well what a fishing holiday and what a nice bunch of guys they just liked fishing and had a laugh no matter what the weather gods sent us, boxes ticked and more to be ticked on there next trip I can’t wait a FUN week.

PS  John had the last fish a well pissed of nurse about 200 lb showing us all they can fight.