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Busman’s holiday

So what does a guy who runs fishing holidays in the Florida Keys do when he finds himself packing to go on a holiday to Tuscany do well of course slip in a travel rod. For the last four years we have been going to Tuscany in indulge my wife’s passion for classical music to see Andrea Bocelli  sing in his now famous outside concert in the Tuscan Hills. Sorry not my thing at all in fact I find it very hard to stay awake and most years towards the end I drop off. Three years ago driving near the venue I spotted what is a flooded quarry which some years ago was stocked with carp and they have done very well and now the place is run as a commercial fishery. The place is spot on, level fishing pegs, seats, loads of rubbish bins, tables and barbeques  a good cafe bait and tackle shop. In fact it is such a nice place locals come for Sunday lunch with table cloths and a spread of food that just has to be seen.  When I was a boy most of my carp fishing was done at dusk or dawn but these Tuscan fish have not read the rule book and feed and feed hard all day long. With temps in the mid thirty’s and not a cloud in the sky my best fish this year just over 10 lb was taken at midday.


Maybe its the boy in me or just bringing back 50-year-old memories but watching a bright float quiver then slide away still very special and boy even the smaller fish here pull very hard. This year I tried for me something radical, pop up baits not sure I was doing it right but I was told to keep the bait about 2 in of the bottom and yes it worked in fact the take was so brutal it came as a shock as my rod was nearly dragged in. This year I took some under water videos which if they are any good will be on the next blog if any one wants any details on the location just get in touch I am sure a better angler would bag up big time.