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Summer fishing

We currently do not offer summer fishing it is just to hot and humid for my wife and at the moment she comes first but this is about to change. When we had to leave early this year a local friend of my Capt Brent Kindle stepped in and ran my last two holidays and he did a very good job. Capt Brent has run Coral Bay fishing charters in Marathon for some years now and has become a very successful local captain a not long ago came very close to braking the mutton snapper record. He had such fun fishing with the Brits he has asked me if I can find him any other anglers. He has a bigger boat than me the next size up Pro Kat and at 26 ft a lot more room he has fished the local waters for many years and probably has even more marks than me. He would run the holidays just as I do and you would stay in my house and still get on the boat at my dock and just as I fish you would start when you want, fish for what you want and come in when you want.

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As you can see from the photos it is a very fine boat and Capt Brent certainly can catch fish and I know the only time some guys can get of is during the summer. Also it is a time of the year people often go to Disney then come down to the Keys for a few days. There are nice beaches and parks, you can swim with dolphins and sights to see we offer cheap accommodation and you can stay as long or as short as you want. So now Fish the Dream offer year-long fishing holidays in the Florida Keys please email or phone if you want any more details.

Fish the Dream       01668 216173