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Shark part two

There is luckily for me still a lot of anglers on their fishing holiday in the Florida Keys who love shark and a lot of them like big and in the keys we can do big shark with not a lot of problem. As I said in the last blog all shark under 100 lb we now call sporty shark all fish over 100 lb I just call pain and the big boys, how big well we have had them to over 1000 lbs, big enough ! What always comes as a big surprise to first timers is a lot of our sharking is done in less than 10 ft of water and it was in 10 ft that our grander was taken a few years ago. That fish took our big fish expert and regular Lee Jasper a full 2 hrs 23 mins and took the boat over 3 miles from the hook up one seriously ticked off hammerhead that I still think it only came to the boat to see what was chasing it. We now always take sharking rods to the tuna grounds as they say you can only catch what is there and only to often the tuna a taken by shark so now we just enjoy them. It was on a tuna trip that we were hand lining sliky shark that were coming right up to the boat that again Lee had a massive bull shark near 600 lbs. Of all the shark in the Florida Keys it is the bull shark that have an attitude problem and last year the boffins tagged a bull well over 1000 lbs very close to shore and no one even knew they got that big.



First pic not the big one next me doing a 100 lb dead lift and not getting to the first gill

It was also on a tuna trip last year we had our first mako what a stunning shark and this one just wanted to bite anything that was close even my boat took a few bites. An other big shark that always ticks the box is the tiger shark one day we even had three big tigers just a very beautiful fish. All shark are with us all year may be the bigger ones are in more numbers during tarpon season but also some of the very big ones come in to the shallow waters to give birth. Most times when we are sharking the rods are put out on the out riggers some 38 ft apart and a long way back meaning there is a large area behind the boat to enjoy general fishing and enough time to deal with the shark when they come.



Getting to old to say would you like it in for a pic !!

On a sad note one of my regulars has had to cancel his October two week trip this does mean as I have had part payment I can off one or two weeks ( the last two in October ) for a very cheap deal just get in touch 01668 216173 or Strange as I do this blog about big shark two days ago I had one of my biggest shark here in the north east of England out of Whitby next blog will be all about it just a sneak peek video clip.