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Ticking boxes again

For this week we have a single newbie on our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys  Robert Chambers has joined my oldest fishing friend Martin Arnold.  Bob had sent me an email that he had a few bad experiences of big game fishing and had been keeping up with this blog so if there was ever a chance for a single guy to fish, so he is here this week.  I must say he has wanted to be very hands on and is learning very fast  as he knows little it is often easier for me than a guy who thinks he knows it all but gets it very wrong.  First three days very mixed weather but on day three we hit the gulf wrecks and ticked the fish over 100 lbs and the big shark boxes.  It always is nice to have guys like Bob who just like catching fish take day one winds over 20 mph so tuck into islands and fun with black nose shark on light 20 lb rods these fish just scream drag.  Then on day two fun in the mangroves and Bob ended up with a very good black drum this guys could get the Florida Keys fishing bug bad.






If you follow Henry Gilbeys blog  ( and you should ) you will see he is into his ” God Beam ”  photos and he has taken some very good ones well the other day we had the Florida Keys version.  The  ” Get the f*** out of here beams ” from no where this sucker just got worse so pedal as hard down as it would go over  35 mph and we just mad it home.  We had been tracking this thing on the radar which is such a good tool to have on a boat so we were ok when it hit temps dropped 10 degrees and winds over 40 mph some times paradise kicks back.


Massive king mackerel for Bob see next blog !