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What a first two days

I have said before and I will say again I am very lucky to have local Capt Brent Kindell running my fishing holidays in the Florida Keys during the summer.  Brent first came to the Keys in 1988 with his dad who had just retired and wanted to spend more time fishing so the Keys just ticked the box and Brent soon became a very good first mate.  So when Brent finished his education it seemed the natural thing to do turn his passion into a job and start a fishing charter operation taking his growing local fishing skills to the next level.  When John Mason contacted me about a summer lads holiday I was more than happy to have Brent guide for them for the week, John was in the Keys June 2012 but it became soon very clear you do need a guide to get the best out of the Keys.  As I have found over the years it is all about knowing where to go and what to do when you get there, there are so many options and so many fish and methods to fish, Brent has now been fishing these waters for 26 years and you can’t buy experience.

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Not much text to go with the first two days of John’s trip but by looking at the photos he is sending me John, his 83-year-old dad and his 17-year-old son are having a blast with Brent coming up with the goods as I knew he would.  Nice to see he is continuing our tiger shark theme for 2014, poor Lee had to wait 10 years for one and John has had one on his first trip.  The lads had a mess of amberjack on their first day so Brent’s policy must have been hurt them on day one then the rest of the week is easy.  Also on this theme they must have asked for big so Brent got them a goliath grouper in the 100’s of pounds, guess Brent is just ticking the boxes just like me.