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Going light

Its not all about giant fish and 2hr + fights some of my guys on fishing holidays here in the Florida Keys just like catching fish and none come higher in the smiles list than the yellowtail snapper. Not the biggest fish but pound for pound a true scrapper and on 10  or 8lb gear a true sportfish. It was with great joy on our new list of fish marks to be given a few that said good yellowtail so of we went. We tried one in 90ft and the trick with yellowtail is to get them up from the bottom to the chum trail then feed back small baits.

Sometimes you will have to go down to just 6lb leader and 4 hooks their eyesight is amazing. The style we use is called flatlining just feed the line out in the tide, the take is amazing the line tightens and just flies of the reel, bail arm over and fish on. The yellowtail is very popular with locals and some days there will be boats out there with no rods heavier than 10lb. The reason, well the yellowtail in a lot of peoples minds is the top table fare not a lot gets better than fresh yellowtail.