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The Jersey boys are back

Well as they start their 10 th fishing holiday in the Florida Keys with us it is great to see Rob, Chris, Nigel and Matthew back yet again and this time as we all get a bit older  ( but not wiser  )  I have been told no Goliath grouper fine by me my hernia gets a week off.  Been a mixed first few days bay still fishing its head off from 200 lb + shark plus the fantastic run of African pompano keeps on going, stacks of jacks, blue fish, runners and some snapper to keep the drags screaming.  Cobia are back their as well but with a very large 33 in to the fork min it seems strange to tell a guy who has just been beat up by a 15 lb fish that we all know is fine table fare that it is to small to keep but as they top out at near 100 lb the smalls have to go back.





After the guy over the canal had a 7 sailfish day they all decide to have a day offshore, the locals are more than happy to watch trolled baits for hours but very few British crews will and in less than an hour it was back to plan B.  I fully understand you come 4000 miles and want a bend in the rod and this I think after 10 years of doing the fishing holidays this is why people come back as you the anglers make the call.  So the next two days back in the bay where I can report all rods bending very well.



I will always try to get the hook out of a shark’s mouth but I am from the camp by using steel hooks that rust quickly you do less damage than ripping the hook out.  Have a look at the mouth of a blacktip shark we had the other day.  You can clearly see the rust makes of where a hook had been and the flesh has completely healed up being in warm salt water does the job and no stainless hooks ever on my boat. Interesting on the second video to see how hard the remora has to work to keep up with its host.