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Well after 8 years of taking people many miles on fishing holidays it was time to treat my girl to some new engines. With nearly 3000 hrs on them and still running very strong signs were there that it was a good time to repower. What did it for me was a good local discount and Yamaha offering a 5 year warranty. I have always liked my cat and with 2 big motors, 2 independent fuel tanks and 4 batteries I have always had faith in the sett up. In all the time I have been running fishing holidays we have only lost one engine a couple of times and always got home on the other one never once having to call out Sea Tow. Well I have stuck with the same motors as they have been so good and for 2012 Yamaha have done a few improvements to an already good engine. The local boatyard did the work whilst I was back in the UK and after last week they are nearly run in the first hour at 2000 rpm was fun I have not been that slow in my boat. All the slow stuff was done on my own with no fishing rods to distract me and no sods law not even a sight of a cruising 50 lb + cobia. Next party are a bunch from Ireland hoping to do what Cian did last year that was a very special week all we need is the weather. What ever the weather ( sorry even I cant change it ) I am sure we will catch fish and the Florida Keys will get under their skins.