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Now that’s how to end the week

The sad thing about a Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys it always seems to come to an end way to quick and when you are fishing with friends as I hope I can call Paul and Carol it is even worse.  The weather gods were not on our side for the last day either a very cold  ( for us 65 night ) and strong winds had left the seas in a mess and even all of the bay was a no go so off to the mangroves was the plan A .  A few small fish but after the fun we had at  7 mile bridge it was the next move to see if their were any more shark on the go and there is always lots to catch to keep the rods on the go.  Again lots of small stuff but the shark were a no show and the water for sharking just way to weedy and you all know the saying  ” they dont do salad ” just one small piece of weed on a shark bait and it is game over.  So with just over an hour left of their last day I had as Baldrick used to say come up with a cunning plan and a week ago I had been told a huge bull shark was seen of the dock in Vaca Cut so as it was on the way home worth one last try.





When we got there no much tide and we had fish messing with the baits but no bulls after half an hour we had a better run and had to follow but it turn out to be a nurse of about 80 lbs so back we went.  Now the tide was pulling and first run down a storming take then FISH and I mean serious fish on.  Well by the runs and the power this was on massive shark one of the famous Vaca bulls was truly connect to Paul who is one strong man but the fish was the one in control taking my boat all over the place all we could do was hang on.  After an hour we had to wind up the drag and the fish was going to take us after near a mile into some nasty water so Paul said wind up the drag ans lets give it some. At last I managed to grab the leader and it was like I was attached to car just no give then we all saw it WOW  OMG  this puppy was near 10 ft and way over 500 lbs and so fat I have never seen such a girth on a shark before.  High fives all round only bummer we were all so amazed by the fish no pics then the extra strong hook straighten so back to see if we could get an other one for Carol.  With in seconds it was fish on for Carol and a second huge bull was pulling Carol and my boat all over the place but this fish had no chance with Carol and was soon to the boat and some very cool pics not as big as Paul’s but at over 8 ft a solid 400 lbs.  So we end the week with two  PB’s and two very happy campers pics, from the week and the pics of the SMALLER BULL still cant get my head round what happened.