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Fun on Fly

While most of you who know me know my feelings about fly fishing in salt water I do admire the likes of John Aplin and Nick Hart, use the banner links on this web page to see what I mean.  John runs a stunning fly fishery in the SW of England doing what it says on the tin getting trout to take an artificial  fly when they are eating natural flies as does Nick on his many lakes and ponds.  So why try to get a fish to try to eat an artificial bait when I can reach over to my live well and put the reel thing on a much better rod and reel with a good drag and I think do a better job. How ever since we have been doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys we have had one golden rule that is the angler makes the choice not the skipper and if he wants to fly fish then we fly fish.  Last week when young Ash from New Zealand found out we had fly rods in the rod room his eyes light up so game on and on the coolest day of Bills trip he was having a ball with our mackerel on the pure fly and I have to say he was chucking the fluff as good as I have seen on my boat.



Went down last Sunday to see the guys at the SKA king mackerel tournament in Key West unfortunately Snowbee’s team did not get their new boat finished in time and I bet Capt Ron was spitting bullets fair seas and lots of big mackerel 5 over 50 lbs and the winning fish was 70.68 lbs.  God knows what went through the gaff mens minds when that puppy was by the boat.  Capt Ron has gone for a 37 ft Seahunter with 900 hp on the back and more toys than I have ever seen full pics when it is at the Miami boat show, price if you had to buy one well over  $300,000 just to catch one mackerel !