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The perfect day

After doing these Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys now for over 12 years I still get that special feeling when a plan comes together as it did yesterday.  So weather gods said go wherever you want and have fun so deep into Florida Bay we went the ask was some shark then an other go at those mad grouper.  Getting to the main wreck tide not at its best but place alive with perfect size jacks so top up the bait boxes with as many jacks as you wanted always hard to leave feeding fish and all the guys were having way to much fun that is the joy of bait fishing in the Keys.  So off the main wreck by a few hundred yards you dont want grouper when you are shark fishing and in a very short time the shout was  ” fish on ” we were in a mess of black tip all I would say just over 100 lbs as much fun as sharking gets.  These fish just scream drag jump all over the place a bit of a pain at the boat but Capt Mike is learning very fast and doing a top job on the leaders he sure is a good find.






Not sure of numbers I think it was about 8 and one very big near 200 lb nurse shark but tide turned and the grouper started to call come play if you dare.  Boy were they on the feed not even the perfect anchor sett but fish right under the boat baits being hit within minutes then as normal all hell braking loose and again Capt Mike doing a fantastic job and when he looks at me and says  ” NO YOU DONT ” I get the message hate getting old.  Best yesterday was way over 400 lbs Capt Mike now doing the 100 lb dead lift and on one not even the head was out of the water and when this fish first came to the boat both Simon and Bob just stared in total disbelief.  Only cloud yesterday was losing a monster shark it took the grouper bait which is on mono and just smoked the 40 lb drag and we had to give chase but lost out in the end but we will be back !!