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Room for one

We have a very rare and special opportunity at our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys for a single person to join two others on holiday this winter.  Dates are arriving 28 th October  fishing for 12 days  (  or less if he or she wants  )  and leaving on the 10 th November as this trip was planned for just three anglers and not our normal four there is more room on the boat and you will get a private room in the villa.  The other two guys have been many times before so I can help a newbie out pretty much one for one all day if you want.  Often I hear I would love to come but it is always hard to find three other guys who have the time or money so this is your big chance.  So how much will it cost well as I have already take money and it is a very late cancellation  (  an opp that cannot wait ) we can also offer a very special price of just  £ 1000 for the 12 days fishing and breakfast, one day   B + B first and last day, use of the free rental car and the private room in our waterside villa.








So what will the weather be like and what will you catch, just as the weather in the UK starts to go belly up the weather in the Keys will most days be in the 80’s and as the hurricane season comes to an end the storms and humidity start to drop way.  The water temps will dictate what we will catch, if is stays warm all the summer fish will hang around dordado, wahoo ect but if it cools off then are winter mackerel and sailfish will start to push through.  On any normal week we will catch up to 40 + species and very few days go by with out a 100 lb + fish, shark or goliath grouper which are always there .  So if the Florida Keys are on your bucket list or  ” I have always wanted to catch a fish bigger than me ” now is the time get in touch as soon as you can, I am still in the UK for two weeks so phone 01668 216173  up to 9 pm please or email on  if you snooze you will loose.