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Sailfish fever

With the last week of our season started Fish the Dream shuts down for the main part of the hurricane season. We have fished on in early years but one year we had to evacuate four times and with guests and a disabled wife it is just not worth the hassle. With deck temps in the 100s and high humidity most anglers tended to wilt as well so we decided not to fish the summer. We will be starting our fishing holidays again in October when the Florida Keys starts its dry season and temps start to fall to our winter temps of high 70s and low 80s just the tonic you need when back in the UK autumn can be bad. The one fish that shines in the fall is the sailfish these fish come in with the cold fronts and tick all the boxes.

It is hard to describe just how colourful they are and they are one of the fish that lights up during a fight. As a game fish like tarpon they do it all,long hard runs many huge jumps and its not over till they want it. The nice thing about sails is the very many varied method’s we use to catch them. Yes we catch allot trolling but the UK anglers just don’t seem to take to trolling as our US cousins do. My favorite method has got to be the kite, this presents a fish dancing on the top of the water and the take can be a explosion of water followed by a screaming reel and a sail grey-hounding away on the surface.

During the start of the sailfish run they will chase the bait schools right into the reef when it is possible to pitch a live bait in less than 20 ft of water to the feeding fish, top sight fishing. During the autumn we have the start of the main tuna run and till you have tasted tuna less than 1 hr old just seared on the barbie you have not eaten fish. As this is out of our main season we still have a few dates left, and we can offer a bit of discount as well. It was during the autumn that the base record of 55 species was done so there is plenty to fish for so just get in touch.