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Doing what it says on the tin

In recent years I have experienced the hart ache of the travel rod. Yes they all travel, they all fit in the suitcase and yes they all fish then the big one then bang !!!!!! Then the crazy fight with a broken rod which normally ends in tears. In the last few years I have been lucky to be linked with Snowbee helping them to develop rods for the US market. Things are going very well and Snowbees sponsored kingfish boat after wining a pro tour round of the championship is now leading the Yamaha pro tour and Capt Ron Mitchell of Team Bandit was telling me the other day this Snowbee rod is the only rod I would not change anything. When a pro fishing capt of many years tells you that you know you have done something right. Check them out at www.fishska.comand see how some people have to make a living yes that’s there job.

Back to me and Snowbee whilst testing one of there travel rod combos a rod that was a popping rod that by changing parts became a 6ft 6in boat rod we found a outstanding heavy jigging rod. If there is fish to test a rod it is our wreck donkeys the amberjack. With jigging in 200ft often these fish are taken at less than 100ft and run straight to the bottom. This rod was amazing taming fish to over 50lb the first few fights I have to admit I kept as far away as possible but the rod took it no problem. If you look at the rod no flat spots and still plenty left in the butt section. Sorted a travel rod that can take big fish and travel.

After talking to Russell Weston at Snowbee I think we might be talking the one piece version for the US and a two piece version for the UK. Check out  they are coming out with some amazing new rods and reels. I use the US version of there new lever drag machined reel and I have abused this for over a year with fish the UK anglers dream about and no problems.